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QUT - Robotronica

The Travelling Garden of Lifefamily icon

The very near future. Earth is almost uninhabitable. Plants are withering and the only hope is that in time the world cools down again, the radiation reduces and the few remaining humans stop fighting.

A band of concerned scientists have created a space station that orbits the Earth containing a seed bank and a preservation garden, maintained by robots. They dream that once Earth is ready for them, they will fly down to the land and replant. But the future of the garden is threatened. An unseen intruder has been plotting, and is now attempting to hack into the space station and take control.

Please note: Parents must supervise children at all times and ensure they do not enter the performance area.


Co-Producer – Andy Arthurs
Co-Producer – Jared Donovan
Co-Producer – Jonathan Roberts
Choreographer (Captain Tanza) – Steph Hutchison
Composer / eMusician (Tonmeister) – Yanto Browning
Lighting Designer – George Meijer
Dramaturg & Voice-Over – Paul Makeham
Electrician & Technical A/V Operator – Liam Gilliland
Video/Documentation – Jake Malpass
Opening Sequence – Joe Carter
Poster Art – Nicholas St Helier
Poster Text – Diane Roberts
Theatre Production Manager – Anthony Whittaker
Robot Engineering and Design – David Hedger
Robot Tracking – Rob Patterson
Robot Movement – Chloé Fas
Robot Builders – Marisa Bucolo, Jack Wright, Chris Taylor, Ahmed Khaled, Mohamed Bekhit Sewify, Chris Dirkis, Georgina Hine, Lachlan Gordon, Rhys Davies, Liao Wu, Ian Ashworth, Haidar Obeid, Hassan Adel Al-Hussain
Robot Controllers – Ayrton Fernandes, John Board
Drone Pilots – Daniel Pearson, Joshua Romero
Set Creation – Liz Graham, Anjali Jaiprakash, Clare Lah, Hannah Donovan, Rachel Donovan
Stasis Pod Scanning – Kelly Greenop
Concept Development Assistant – Craig Waddell