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The Queen's Wharf construction will affect traffic and access to the CBD on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August. The work will occur on Margaret Street, between George and William streets requiring the closure of the Margaret Street off-ramps from the Riverside Expressway to George Street. Vehicles will instead need to exit at the Elizabeth or Turbot Street off ramp. The Gardens Point campus parking will be accessible however access to Queens Wharf Road and Gardens Point Road will be under traffic control. View Queens Wharf map for details.

QUT - Robotronica

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TechTalks is a series of 30-minute dives into the world of technology, featuring emerging and established experts in diverse fields, discussing and demonstrating cutting edge developments.

FOLKTALE is a creative marketplace that connects brands to customers and a community of mobile-enabled content makers to co-create authentic brand stories through video. Meet CEO and co-founder, Sarah Mak, and discover how to start filming amazing video content! (Session from 11 – 11.30am only.)

PLUSS is a fun finding life organiser that connects people to their interests that helps you and your friends figure out what to do next. It allows for take overs from places and events that people love - with opt in, geo based and timely relevant content. Meet co-founder, Dylan Verrier, and discover how Pluss will change your social life! (Session from 12 – 12.30pm only.)

SPHERO's Director of Prototypes, Jon Carroll, introduces Sphero's newest developments: Disney Pixar's Ultimate Lightning McQueen – the top of the line racer – and the voice interactive Spider-Man – enter the Marvel Universe like never before. (Session from 1 – 1.30pm only.)

BLKTATU makes fully autonomous precision drone deliveries possible. With a high degree of safety, BLKTATU are able to deliver to apartment blocks and high rise buildings, something that much larger drone delivery companies are struggling with. Meet CEO, Clinton Burchat, and discover how BLKTATU is changing how we receive deliveries. (Session from 2 – 2.30pm only.)

QUT's Dr Matthew Dunbabin will explore existing and emerging robot technologies including how to blow up a robot, and other ways to monitor the environment. Robots are great at doing the three D's – the Dirty, the Dull and the Dangerous. But how far can we push them today, particularly for collecting data in very specific and challenging environments? The discussion will look at emerging robot technologies and the potential application to environmental monitoring. He will also provide examples of his own research into "environmental robotics" including the development of robots for Crown-of-Thorns Starfish management, water quality monitoring, and subsea volcanoes. (Session from 3 – 3.30pm only.)