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QUT - Robotronica

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Save the ship before the Kraken awakes.

Help us remotely command the movements of RepairBots to ensure the safe delivery of crates, full of essential supplies. The Robots are lost at sea but they are still connected to you via robotic floor trackers. You are their only hope, especially now that a mysterious creature from the deep ocean has returned to create chaos on the high seas.

Gather your friends and family and stop the ship from sinking. Using the virtual Control Zone as your base, players will rush to emergencies such as fires and leaks which are spreading across the ship. RepairBots will use remote sensors to follow your lead to locate and repair the damage. They cannot do it without you!

Deb Polson

Deb Polson is a senior lecturer, researcher and designer at QUT, Creative Industries Faculty. Deb is focused on exploiting unique aspects of new technologies to prototype a better future for humans, animals and the environment.

Deb runs an experimental lab at QUT called HUB Studio employing recent graduates to create dynamic data simulations, games and virtual realities in collaboration with science experts and industry partners.