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RoboCop: Robots, Ethics, and Law Enforcement

Robotic technologies are being used globally to do what humans find too difficult, tedious, dangerous, or beyond our capacity. But the use of robots to deliver law enforcement raises new concerns, and has given rise to intense ethical debates about when and how robots are deployed by police for this purpose.

Professor Matthew Rimmer (QUT) leads this discussion, in conversation with Dr Monique Mann (QUT), Associate Professor James Mullins (Deakin University) and Acting Superintendent Brad Wright (Queensland Police Services), to consider the implications of remote-controlled, fully autonomous and semi-autonomous robots as law enforcers, the types of considerations needed to ensure safe practices, and whether anxieties surrounding robotics in policing are grounded in truth or fiction.


Dr Monique Mann

Professor Matthew Rimmer

Associate Professor James Mullins

Acting Superintendent Brad Wright