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RAWrobotics presents an interactive demonstration of their brand new robotic arm – Orion5.

Visitors will have the chance to see many Orion5 robotic arms performing an interesting collaborative task and also interact with unique 3D visualisation/simulation software to control a real robotic arm themselves.

As an educational robotics company in Brisbane, RAWrobotics' mission is to enable learning outcomes in robotics education to go above and beyond current standards. RAWrobotics are achieving this through the development of more capable and real-world relevant hardware, software, and much needed resources for educators. Orion5 is RAWrobotics' first production ready product; Orion5 puts features and principles from industrial and research grade robotic arms into an accessible package for education. Orion5 is designed for high school and university students and is currently being used at QUT by third-year mechatronics students.