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Old Ways, New: Tech

How might Indigenous Knowledge Systems offer a possible paradigm shift for the advancement of new technologies?

There is a growing awareness that technological systems and the algorithms that power them are mono-cultural. Engaging diverse perspectives ensures that technological systems are more dynamic and accessible to a wider range of people. What can be learned from Indigenous Knowledge Systems, and how might Indigenous and Western ways of knowing work together to inform how we respond to and optimise technological advancements.

Old Ways, New is a group of Indigenous consultants and technologists, creating a new digital world and we are delighted to welcome their CEO and Founder Andie Abdilla, as a panelist. Joining her on the panel are Associate Professor Rob Fitch (University of Technology Sydney) and Wayne Denning (Carbon Creative), in conversation with Rae Johnston (SBS, Gizmodo), as they discuss links between Indigenous and Western Knowledge Systems, and some of the challenges and opportunities for these types of collaborations across research, industry, education, and society.


Angie Abdilla

Associate Professor Rob Fitch

Wayne Denning

Rae Johnston


Brian Robinson
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