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QUT - Robotronica

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Bremen Music Bot is an artificial intelligence robotics system that re-invents a four-piece band.

A different animal character represents each group member; the donkey, dog, cat and chicken. These characters collect sound from the surrounding area of its set up location and transform these disparate sounds into a melody. Each animal uniquely interacts with its environment by collecting different frequencies: the donkey is designed to collect the entire range, the dog at low frequency, the cat at mid-range and the chicken at high frequency.

The data is then transmitted to a server processed in real time by Magenta, an artificial intelligence algorithm on Google's open-source machine learning platform, Tensor Flow. It is then played back to the audience as music.

This was created at the Nabi E I Lab (Emotional Intelligence Laboratory). The lab is a media art production studio at the Art Center Nabi, a digital Art Museum in Korea. The Laboratory aims to create new values with people from various fields such as artists, programmers, engineers, and designers. nabi E.I.Lab is experimenting and producing creative projects mainly related to artificial intelligence, robotics, and data science.


Lab manager/Artist – YoungKak Cho
Software Developer – YoungTak Cho
Designer – JungHwan Kim
Interactive Designer – YuMi Yu
Robotics Engineer – JoonHyuk Sim


Nabi E.I. Lab
Bremen Music Bot 2016
tech, software and mixed media
Courtesy Nabi E.I. Lab