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Artificial intelligence is inspired by human experience.

But how might we create smart machines that are inspired by diverse human perspectives? How can AI and smart machines help humans to better understand each other's differences? Each other's physical and intellectual differences, and our different understandings and experience of life? This lab encourages you to explore this by 'coding' your body (and others) to perform a series of interactive, collaborative, and highly playful instructions, using lo-fi and low-tech materials. Get ready to transform into smart machines.

This workshop has been developed by the QUT Guerrilla Knowledge Unit (GKU), an educational plug-in to the Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy. The 2017 GKU team is led by Jacina Leong and Linda Knight, and includes pre-service teachers Jess Martin, Dee Armstrong, and Xue Ning Lee, from the QUT Faculty of Education. This workshop will be presented at the Ars Electronica Festival u19CREATE YOUR WORLD program, Austria, in September 2017.

Image by Savannah van der Niet. Courtesy QUT Precincts.