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QUT - Robotronica

Plastic Waste Elimination Challenge

Be an eco-warrior and try your hand at piloting a small robot boat in the litter cleanup challenge!

Marine and waterway litter threatens our oceans, kills countless animals, and pollutes precious ecosystems. In this challenge you will be a part of a team that competes to collect as much floating trash as possible, while learning how much you have helped to protect the marine environment.

Presented by

Matt Dunbabin – QUT Institute for Future Environments, Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
Manuela Taboada – QUT School of Design
Tim Williams – QUT School of Design
Nicholas Clegg – QUT Mechatronics Student
Amira Azimi – QUT Interactive and Visual Design Student
Pascal Cunin – QUT Interactive and Visual Design Student
Monica Wong – QUT Interactive and Visual Design Student
Peter SmithBlind Mystics