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QUT - Robotronica

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Families are invited to participate in a collaborative digital artwork by designing their own robot.

Inspired by Code-A-Bot, The Cube's new interactive digital game, Design a bot is an installation designed to engage a younger audience by blending their interaction between physical and digital spaces.

These robots are inefficient and need to learn the skills to do their job properly and more importantly – they lack personality! Colour in a robot template and scan it instantly into a 3D world, where it will come alive and attempt to perform its duty. Be prepared though, there is a lot of recyclable junk to sort, and their wheels are still a little wobbly...

Code-A-Bot will launch at Robotronica on 20 August. Afterwards, it will rotate on The Cube's screens, view Cube screens for showing times.

Steve Berrick

Steve Berrick is an artist and creative coder. With a degree in Computer Science, his work focuses on software and technology. Berrick creates software-driven experiences for interactive systems and performances. His collaborative practice has been presented in galleries, theatres, museums and the street. Berrick is an artist with the ololo art collective, Graffiti Research Lab Perth and pvi collective.