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The chair that likes to be on its own!

Chair Walker takes an everyday object and playfully upends its function and our expectations. Using a multi-legged waking robotic system, this installation strips away its original utility with surprising results.

This work is designed to create a dialogue about personality and behaviour, through its characterisation of avoiding intimacy and social interactions.

This was created at the Nabi E I Lab (Emotional Intelligence Laboratory). The lab is a media art production studio at the Art Center Nabi, a digital Art Museum in Korea. The Laboratory aims to create new values with people from various fields such as artists, programmers, engineers, and designers. nabi E.I.Lab is experimenting and producing creative projects mainly related to artificial intelligence, robotics, and data science.


Artist – YoungKak Cho
Robotics engineer – JoonHyuk Sim


Nabi E.I. Lab
Chair Walker 2015
wood chair, tech and software
Courtesy Nabi E.I. Lab