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Biotech: Technology, The Body, and Health Futures

Advancements at the intersection of biology, engineering, medicine, and robotics are changing the landscape of health futures. These advances have the potential to lower health costs, improve access to treatments and health outcomes, and ultimately better the quality of life for individuals and society.

Driven by a curiosity to experience these developments firsthand, a DIY citizen-scientist approach called bio-hacking is also gaining momentum and attracting people from disciplines beyond the lab. Join Mathilde Desselle (QUT), and panellists Jaden Hastings, Professor Justin Cooper-White (University of Queensland), and Dr. Nicholas Opie (University of Melbourne), as they discuss the trajectory of these developments, the ethical and societal impacts, and some of the challenges to interfacing the body with technology.


Mathilde Desselle

Jaden Hastings

Dr. Nicholas Opie