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Keynote Talk: Professor Gil Weinberg
Robotic Musicianship and Artificial Creativity

Gil Weinberg is the founding director of the Georgia Tech Centre for Music Technology, an international centre for creative and technological research in music that seeks to redefine the way we create, perform, listen to and consume music. He is a Professor in the School of Music and Adjunct Professor in the School of Interactive Computing. A key area of his research is robotic musicianship. His research group aims to facilitate meaningful musical interactions between humans and machines, leading to novel musical experiences and outcomes, and it is pushing the boundaries of creativity and artificial intelligence. Their work is based on the hypothesis that real-time collaboration between human and robotic players can capitalise on the combination of their unique strengths to produce new and compelling music. The group's goal is to combine human qualities such as musical expression and emotions with robotic abilities such as powerful processing, sophisticated mathematical transformations, robust long-term memory, and the capacity to play accurately without practice. This talk will feature the history of the robotic musicianship group at Georgia Tech, highlighting a number of computational approaches for improvisation using genetic algorithms, hidden Markov models, and fractals which were implemented in four different robotic platforms: Haile, Shimon, Shimi, and the robotic drumming prosthesis.

Professor Weinberg will also be presenting Shimon Robot & Friends, a one-hour robotic music performance demonstration, followed by a Q&A with the audience on Sunday 23 August at 3:30pm. Bookings for the Shimon Robot & Friends performance are essential.

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WHENFriday 21 August 2015
Duration60 mins followed by light refreshments
WHERERoom 360