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QUT - Robotronica - The Abovemarine by Adam Ben-Dror

Diamandini by Mari Velonaki

Diamandini breaks the conventions of robotic design. A robot with a feminine touch, she appears like a floating classical sculpture as she intriguingly engages with audiences. Gracing historic Old Government House, watch as she reacts and responds to your movement and body language - as you enter her space, will she turn towards you or turn away? Diamandini is an interactive autokinetic sculpture that will change the way you think about robots.

Diamandini is a five year Australia Research Council project between artist Mari Velonaki and roboticists at the Centre for Social Robotics, Australian Centre for Field Robotics, the University of Sydney. This project aims to investigate human-robot interactions in order to develop an understanding of the physicality that is possible and acceptable between a human and a robot within a social space.

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Original Concept & Interface Design: Mari Velonaki
Robotic Systems Design: David Rye
Mechanical & Electronic Design: Mark Calleija
Lead Programmer: Cedric Wohlleber
People Tracking Software: David Silvera-Tawil
DC Bandara: Power Electronics Design

Mari Velonaki is a media installation artist who has worked in the field of interactive installation art since 1995. Her practice engages the spectator/participant with digital and robotic 'characters' in interplays stimulated by sensory-triggered interfaces (speech 1995, touch 1997, breath 1998, electrostatic charge 2000, vision system 2000, light 2003, robotics 2003-10). Her principal contribution to the field of interactive art occurs through the creation of innovative human-machine interfaces that promote intimate and immersive relationships between participants and interactive artworks. In 2003 she was awarded a PhD in Media Arts at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. Since 2003, Mari has been working as an artist/researcher at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics. She co-founded, with Dr David Rye, the Centre for Social Robotics within the ACFR at the University of Sydney. In 2007 Mari was awarded the 'once-in-a-lifetime' Australia Council for the Arts Fellowship in recognition of her body of work. In 2009 she was awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council ARF Fellowship (2009-2013) for the creation of a new robot.

David Rye is a roboticist who works in the field of autonomous robotics and in the design and implementation of computer-controlled systems. With a background in mechanical engineering, he now works principally on computerised machinery, electronics, software and systems design. Dr Rye has conducted many research and development projects related to automation and control of systems, including shipboard and container-handling cranes and the system design and experimental validation of autonomous vehicles. Since 2003 he has worked on human-robot interaction, principally in installation environments. He co-founded, with Mari Velonaki, the Centre for Social Robotics within the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney. David is also internationally recognised as a pioneer in the introduction and development of university teaching in mechatronics, having instituted the first Australian Bachelor of Engineering in mechatronics in 1990.

WHENSunday 18 August
TIME11am - 5pm
WHEREOld Government House, ground floor
FORAll ages